Website Awards Categories
338 14/01/2018

These categories recognize innovation in websites and blogs since July 1 2016.  Forms of innovation to be considered include innovation in design, content, use of media, and/or interactivity.

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories include
a. An essay of up to 625 words describing the website or blog and the innovative aspect of the site that you are nominating.
b. A link to the site, which you must attach to your entry through our attachment/link uploading tool.  If your site is not publicly available (i.e. it's private or password protected), upload a video of up to three (3) minutes that demonstrates the features and functions of your site.
c. Optionally, you may list creative and production credits for your site - a list of the people and organizations that contribute to its development.

Q05. Award for Innovation in Business Information or Application Websites
Q06. Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites
Q07. Award for Innovation in Education or Training Websites
Q08. Award for Innovation in Entertainment Websites
Q09. Award for Innovation in General Information Websites
Q10. Award for Innovation in Government Websites (new category for 2018)
Q11. Award for Innovation in News Websites
Q12. Award for Innovation in Non-Profit/NGO Websites (new category for 2018)
Q13. Award for Innovation in Shopping or E-commerce Websites
Q14. Award for Innovation in Social Websites